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  • Save up to 90% on time and costs
  • Integrate seamlessly with other business software

Smart solar software for energy consultants.

The smartest solar design software, shade analyses, string designs, and installation reports will assist you in improving your client experience and operations.


In today’s dynamic energy market, it is critical to immediately convince your clients of the benefits of sustainable solutions. At the same time, it’s important to operate efficiently and precisely. Our solar program generates a complete pricing estimate and yield calculation for your client in less than a minute.

Quickr enables energy consultants to identify themselves as top specialists in a highly competitive field.

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What can Quickr do for you?

Efficient Savings Calculations
Create price indications efficiently and automatically.

Increased Capacity and Quality Retention
Offer the best service on a high demand.

Flexible API
Quickr interacts seamlessly with your software via an open API. This allows you to use your existing systems with Quickr.

Did you know?

Quickr is recognized as the best-of-breed software in the solar industry.

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