The smartest solar software in the industry.

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The smartest software for the solar industry.

The software should work for you, not the other way around. That is the key to making a difference. Discover Quickr: with our user-friendly solar panel software, you can do the same tasks in 20% less time and save up to 90% on your expenditures.

Furthermore, Quickr is the only software validated by ISSO, the institution that created the Solar Energy Handbook. This ensures not just the accuracy of our computations, but also the highest level of quality.

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“Quickr enables customers to quickly and easily receive a customized system indication for a solar panel installation with a yield calculation!”
Managing Director – International Manufacturer of Solar Panels
“Quickr is a fantastic tool that displays the potential of solar panels in a relatively simple way. It works for individual addresses, as well as for large areas simultaneously, and you can draw in detail. All this can be precisely tailored to the customer's wishes!"
Sustainability Advisor – Business Market
“As an energy supplier, it's extra important to provide a good estimate of the electricity yield from solar panels upfront. With Novasole's tools, we can offer this very precisely to our customers.”
Advisor on Solar – Energy Supplier
“Thanks to Quickr, we've been able to perform the same tasks faster and with less expensive staff compared to the old and much more expensive software platform.”
Director – Medium-sized Installer


Novasole provides a number of functionality to multiple parties through its rooftop solar panel tool, and thus serving a wide range of sectors.
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Scan App

Integrate the Quickr Scan App onto your website, allowing users to create one or more pricing estimates and solar panel yield calculations, depending on your offerings.

Begin today with a Freemium account and get 250 credits. Are you not satisfied? No worries, you are not obligated to do anything. Are you interested in a personal demonstration?

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Design App

Quickr’s Design App allows you to quickly create and edit many precise quotations, such as solar panel layout designs, complete shadow studies, and order lists.

Start today with a Freemium account and receive 250 credits. Are you not satisfied? Don’t worry, you’re not bound to anything. Are you interested in a personal demonstration?

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API is flexible. Quickr interacts with your current company software via an open API. This means you may continue to utilize your existing systems with Quickr.

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Best-of-Breed Software

Quickr is the solar industry’s best-of-breed software, known for its ease of use and efficiency. Quickr generates an exact solar panel layout design with verified yield estimations using only your postcode and home number.

These features make Quickr an essential tool for your organization.