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Solar panel software for any software vendor.

Automated solar panel roof scans, layout designs, shade studies, string layouts, and installation reports can help you improve your customer experience and operations.


Quickr strengthens your software.

With Quickr, you can improve the capabilities of your product without making any obvious changes. You benefit from specialized solar software knowledge. This seamless connection gives your consumers a complete and optimal experience.

With Quickr linked to your software, you’ll have all the tools you require to provide exact solar panel recommendations to consumers. You don’t have to be a solar panel specialist or hire someone. Quickr is your partner in the solar sector.

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Enhance Your Software  
Integrating Quickr into your own program allows your customers to utilize Quickr without any noticeable transitions.

Increased Capacity and Quality Retention 
Handle more client demands without hiring extra workers. At the same time, you provide constant and correct advice, regardless of the number of inquiries.

Flexible API
Quickr seamlessly interacts with your software via an open API. This allows you to continue using your existing systems with Quickr.

Did you know?

Quickr can be utilized in a variety of sectors and is easily integrated with systems such as CRM, ERP, Manufacturing, and other software solutions. Quickr’s adaptability makes it a useful tool for a variety of business demands.

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