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  • Save up to 90% on time and costs
  • Integrate seamlessly with other business software

The smartest solar panel software. 

Improve the customer experience with our solar software, shade evaluations, string planning, and installation reports.


Integrating the Scan App into your website allows you to present your visitors with a thorough cost estimate and solar PV calculation in less than a minute.

The Design App allows you to create a variety of exact quotes, such as solar designs, shadow studies, and order lists.

The Bulk Scan App lets you chart the savings potential of up to 200 houses.

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Quickr will assist you with:

Generate leads
Transform website visitors into qualified leads. With the Scan App, you can give your leads a price and yield calculation before you even speak to them.

Increase revenue
Your consumer will have all the information as soon as they receive the pricing estimate. This will almost eliminate the number of consultation sessions with those who have no intention of purchasing.

Flexible API
Quickr seamlessly interacts with your software via an open API. This allows you to continue using your existing systems with Quickr. Did you know?

Did you know?

Quickr may be utilized in a variety of businesses and is easily integrated with systems such as CRM, ERP, manufacturers, and other software solutions.

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